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Saturday, March 21, 2009

India VS New Zealand 2009, 1st Test Highlights - Full

Ind won by 10 wickets
New Zealand : 279 and 279
India : 530 and 39/0

Brilliant allround performance and great team work proved to be the great secret of fabulous win for India against one of the best rebels or the champions of cricket. THe match on the Hamilton was always on the feet of India from the sarting moment of Test from the day 1 morning session. India did their duty all the way for the victory just one day more remaining on the match.

From the toss win to the match win India were all heavy on New Zealand. New Zealand batting first on the first day were 60-6 but some relief when Vettori and Ryder being last known batting pair scored the century and got Kiwis to the respected total of 279. India starting to bat from the first day India batted all the 2nd day and 2 session of 3rd day, At those moment India made a huge total of 530 runs.

Sachin scored a century 163 runs and Dravid got 67 runs whereas everyone chipped in for India. Zaheer Khan also score 57 runs at the end which was completely very precious. On the same day Indi8a go rid of 3 Kiwis for just 75 runs. Next morning India sgot quick wickets at intervals. Harbhajan was the hero at the final day 4 of he match who too 6 wickets in match. Expect Flynn and McCullum noone was able to understand India's bowling. Thanks to McCullum who preserved NZ from a innings difference lost to 10 wickets lost. At the last moments of the day Ind require 39 which was done in a handsome way by India.

For the century Sachin was claimed as man of the match. Regarding the bowling departmen of India Harbhajan took 1 in 1st and 6 in 2nd innings. Munaf took 5 wickets and I Sharma 4 in firs innings. Z khan took 3 and Yuvraj 1 in 2nd innings.

Day wise Highlights of the match

18 Mar day 1(h/l) - India 1st innings 29/0 (G Gambhir 6*, V Sehwag 22*, 7 ov)
19 Mar day 2 (h/l) - India 1st innings 278/4 (SR Tendulkar 70*, Yuvraj Singh 8*, 90.5 ov)
20 Mar day 3 (h/l)- New Zealand 2nd innings 75/3 (DR Flynn 24*, 31 ov)
21 Mar day 4 (h/l)- India 2nd innings 39/0 (5.2 ov) - end of match

Full Scorecard

New Zealand
279/10 (78.2)
Tim Mcintosh c Virender Sehwag b Ishant Sharma 12521023.08
Martin Guptill c Rahul Dravid b Zaheer Khan 14202070.00
Daniel Flynn c Mahendra Singh Dhoni b Zaheer Khan 03000.00
Ross Taylor b Ishant Sharma 18372048.65
Jesse Ryder c VVS Laxman b Ishant Sharma 10216214062.96
James Franklin c Mahendra Singh Dhoni b Ishant Sharma 02000.00
Brendon Mccullum (wk) c VVS Laxman b Munaf Patel 380037.50
Daniel Vettori (c) c Mahendra Singh Dhoni b Munaf Patel 11816414271.95
Kyle Mills b Munaf Patel 01000.00
Iain O'brien st Mahendra Singh Dhoni b Harbhajan Singh 8191042.11
Chris Martin not out 05000.00
Extras : 4 (b:0, lb:1, nb:3, wd:0)
Total : 279/10 (78.2) | Curr.RR: 3.56
FOW : Martin Guptill (17-1, 6.5), Daniel Flynn (17-2, 8.2), Tim Mcintosh (40-3, 16.2), Ross Taylor (51-4, 20.4), James Franklin (51-5, 20.6), Brendon Mccullum (60-6, 23.1), Daniel Vettori (246-7, 70.2), Kyle Mills (246-8, 70.3), Iain O'brien (275-9, 77.1), Jesse Ryder (279-10, 78.2)
Zaheer Khan163702204.37
Ishant Sharma19.24734003.78
Munaf Patel184603003.33
Harbhajan Singh227571002.59
Virender Sehwag30180106.00

520/10 (152.4)
Gautam Gambhir c Brendon Mccullum b Chris Martin 7213511053.33
Virender Sehwag run out (James Franklin) 242150114.29
Rahul Dravid b Iain O'brien 6613812047.83
Sachin Tendulkar c Ross Taylor b Iain O'brien 16026026061.54
VVS Laxman c Ross Taylor b Chris Martin 30914032.97
Yuvraj Singh b Chris Martin 22504044.00
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c),(wk) c Brendon Mccullum b Iain O'brien 471237038.21
Harbhajan Singh c Daniel Vettori b Kyle Mills 16272159.26
Zaheer Khan not out 514680110.87
Ishant Sharma c Brendon Mccullum b Daniel Vettori 6131046.15
Munaf Patel c Chris Martin b Daniel Vettori 9201045.00
Extras : 17 (b:6, lb:3, nb:8, wd:0)
Total : 520/10 (152.4) | Curr.RR: 3.41
FOW : Virender Sehwag (37-1, 9.2), Gautam Gambhir (142-2, 41.4), Rahul Dravid (177-3, 53.2), VVS Laxman (238-4, 81.2), Yuvraj Singh (314-5, 97.3), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (429-6, 133.4), Sachin Tendulkar (443-7, 137.6), Harbhajan Singh (457-8, 140.4), Ishant Sharma (492-9, 146.3), Munaf Patel (520-10, 152.4)
New ZealandOMRWNbWdEcon
Chris Martin309983003.27
* Kyle Mills224981504.45
Iain O'brien3371033003.12
James Franklin231980004.26
Daniel Vettori (c)35.48902302.52
Jesse Ryder95240002.67

New Zealand
279/10 (102.3)
Tim Mcintosh c Sachin Tendulkar b Zaheer Khan 03000.00
Martin Guptill c Virender Sehwag b Harbhajan Singh 48867155.81
Daniel Flynn c Gautam Gambhir b Harbhajan Singh 6718310036.61
Kyle Mills lbw b Munaf Patel 2190010.53
Ross Taylor c Virender Sehwag b Munaf Patel 4300013.33
Jesse Ryder lbw b Harbhajan Singh 21272177.78
James Franklin c Munaf Patel b Harbhajan Singh 14441031.82
Brendon Mccullum (wk) c VVS Laxman b Yuvraj Singh 8413511062.22
Daniel Vettori (c) c Mahendra Singh Dhoni b Harbhajan Singh 21412051.22
Iain O'brien c VVS Laxman b Harbhajan Singh 14453031.11
Chris Martin not out 02000.00
Extras : 4 (b:1, lb:3, nb:0, wd:0)
Total : 279/10 (102.3) | Curr.RR: 2.72
FOW : Tim Mcintosh (0-1, 0.3), Martin Guptill (68-2, 25.3), Kyle Mills (75-3, 30.6), Ross Taylor (110-4, 43.3), Jesse Ryder (132-5, 51.2), James Franklin (154-6, 63.5), Daniel Flynn (161-7, 65.6), Daniel Vettori (199-8, 77.5), Iain O'brien (275-9, 101.4), Brendon Mccullum (279-10, 102.3)
Zaheer Khan287791002.82
Ishant Sharma227620002.82
Munaf Patel172602003.53
Harbhajan Singh281636002.25
Yuvraj Singh7.32111001.47

39/0 (5.2)
*Gautam Gambhir not out 301860166.67
Rahul Dravid not out 8142057.14
Virender Sehwag
Sachin Tendulkar
VVS Laxman
Yuvraj Singh
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c),(wk)
Harbhajan Singh
Munaf Patel
Zaheer Khan
Ishant Sharma
Extras : 1 (b:1, lb:0, nb:0, wd:0)
Total : 39/0 (5.2) | Curr.RR: 7.31
New ZealandOMRWNbWdEcon
Chris Martin30170005.67
* Kyle Mills2.20210009.00
New Zealand : Martin Guptill, Tim Mcintosh, Daniel Flynn, Ross Taylor, Jesse Ryder, James Franklin, Brendon Mccullum(wk), Daniel Vettori(c), Kyle Mills, Iain O'brien, Chris Martin

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