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Sunday, March 22, 2009

IPL 2009 to be played outside India

Indian Premier League 2009

Some new decisions will be taken this Monday regarding IPL of this season. Lots of controversy for this edition and now new decision of transferring IPL outside India. The decision was taken after the meeting of BCCI with the Home Ministry and other gov. authorities.

Shashank Manohar, the BCCI president, said the tournament had been relocated "because of the extraordinary situation existing this year." The 45-day tournament clashes with the forthcoming general elections in India and there had been concerns over security.

Earlier the tournament was rescheduled with some minor changes in venues and mach days. There was the reason stated as the security concern after Sri Lankan team attacked in Pakistan. Sill the series was on full doubt for everyone.

Shashank Manohar the president of BCCI said apologized for the transfer of event to the different venue but according to him there was no other way than this.

Manohar said the board considered all aspects of the matter at an emergency meeting. "We are aware that the people of India love this event and have given us great support last year and are eager for this year's event," he said. "We made our best efforts to see that the event takes place in India. However, because of the government's attitude that they cannot provide security, particularly by the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, we were forced to take a decision to move the event out of India."My apologies to the people of India for not being able to hold the event in India."quoted from Manohar.

Lalit Modi the IPL chief commissioner said hat the schedule and match format of the tournament will be same. According to him he matches will start as the clock makes the time 4pm and 8pm in India. Further talking about the shifting of semi-finals and finals to India, Modi said no chance for that as the players will get exhausted and they have to travel o England for T20 Cup.

It seemed that England and South African Board, one of them will be hosting the tournament as talks have been with both and hey gave out the positive response.

Manohar also said the BCCI officials would be having a discussion with the eight franchise owners and believed they would not have any objection. "We will hold discussions with the owners. I don't think the franchises would oppose us," he said.

However, the move out of India will not affect players from Pakistan - they still not be allowed to take part. "IPL announced the squads 30 days in advance," Modi said. "No changes are allowed in that. Unfortunately, no Pakistan player will play this year."

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  1. If played outside India, its going to be flop. How will they get the crowd, they must transfer in trucks from India.


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