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Saturday, March 21, 2009

India VS New Zealand 1st Test, Day 4 Highlights

India defeated New Zealand by 10 wickets. It was the deciding day of the test match. India were there at the top of the game since the first day and their brilliant cricket made the match shorter only to 4 days.

NZ started the morning with 75/3 lost of wickets of two openers and a nightwatchman. Flynn who was there in the crease since last day gave some hope to NZ who remained there for long time. At the other end wicket kept on falling down. It was taylor, Ryder then Franklin. Taylor was sent by Patel and Harbhajan Singh sent Ryder (21) and Franklin (14). Score was then 154-6. Wickets kept on falling, Flynn then was he man to go and he was also sent by Bhajji on 67 runs of 185 balls.

Last batting pair for NZ was between 1st Innings centurian Vettori and in form Batsman TAylor. Expecations were there bu no much greaer than India's form on the game then. Capain was the next victim of Harbhajan Singh. It was his 5h wicket haul of the innings.

Kiwis has o thank O'Brien who remained here with McCullum to prevent them from innings lose. McCullum again showed his brilliant form and his ime with the tails. Before getting out as the last man he scored 84 off 135. Y Singh (Yuvi) took his wicket. Before him O'brien had made 14 and got out to the same bowler Harbhajan Singh.

New Zealand could take lead as the score in both innings was same ie., 279 runs. India needed to come to get 39 for a vicory and they did it as expected in a Handsome way.

What to say the day was full of action. Indian bowlers brilliant especially Harbhajan Singh.
Doubt on MAn of the match but it is given to a single person who made century in the 1st innings Sachin Tendular.



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  2. India won by 10 wickets - India vs New Zealand 1st Test Match. Harbhajan Singh took 6 for 63 as India beat New Zealand by ten wickets to get their first Test win in the country in 33 years


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