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Friday, January 29, 2010

India vs South Africa 2010 - Live

This is older post. If you are searching for India Vs South Africa 2010/2011 in SA then CLICK here.

World Championship of Cricket
After Bangladesh tour, India will play against South Africa in India. 2 test matches and 3 ODI's will be played in the series. India is ranked no.1 in test and South Africa at no.2. The test series is thus termed as "World Championship of Cricket" by broadcaster NEO cricket. The series can be watched live on TV as well as on computer for free. Here is how you can watch Ind vs SA 2010 - LIVE:

1) Watch Ind vs SA live on Internet which is linked to Neo Cricket has been broadcasting all Neo Sports matches live on Internet for free. You can also watch the highlights video of each match on the website. However, it is restricted to certain territories and can only be watched from countries like India and some other. However, some TV channels broadcast matches live on internet too and can be accessed if you have brought the channels. shows the match live on South Africa.

2) ON TV : Neo cricket broadcasts Ind vs SA live in India, Nepal and other neighboring countries. Find complete list of TV channels broadcasting Ind vs SA.

3) Live commentary and interactive scorecards : You can access live commentary and scorecards along with features like wagon wheel, statistical analysis, text highlights on different websites for free., and are the ones which prefer.

4) Live 3d animation of Ind vs SA : You can live animated broadcast of Ind vs South Africa on

5) Video Highlights of Ind vs SA 2010 : Video highlights can be watched free on However, it has geographical restrictions. For watching highlights on South Africa, try

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