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Friday, November 27, 2009

India moves to no.1 in test ranking after Kanpur test win

India has moved to no.1 in ICC test rankings along with South Africa sharing equal points. After the win against Sri Lanka in Kanpur test, India which was at no.3 behind Sri Lanka has jumped to no.1. India will be in no.1 position till December 30 if it doesn't lose the 3rd test. Here are the possibilities which can happen:

1) If India wins the third test, India will be at no.1, South Africa in no.2, Australia at 3 and Sri Lanka at the 4th spot. South Africa must win the first two tests against England to displace India from 1st position.

2) If third test is draw, India will share the no.1 position with South Africa. If South Africa win the 1st test against England in December 20, India will be pushed to no.2. Otherwise they will be on the same place.

3) If India loses the third test, India also loses the 1st place in ICC test ranking.

The next test against Sri Lanka is at Mumbai.

1 comment:

  1. India should have to be on top listed because india have top most batsmen in the world like Sachin, dravid, gambhir, dhoni, yuvraj, sehwag


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