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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T20 World Cup 2009 - Live

After IPL 2009, a bigger cricket event i.e. the ICC World twenty20 2009 will start from June 5, 2009 in England. Apart from the 9 test playing nations, countries like Scotland, Ireland and Holland are taking part in the event. This is the second edition of T20 World cup and I am sure it will be a superb success. Coming in track, here is how to watch the series live:

Watch T20 World Cup live on TV: As this is an ICC event, ESPNStar has broadcasting rights in India. The matches will be shown live on ESPN and Star Sports. For countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand you can click here to find the TV Channels showing T20 World cup live.

Watch T20 World Cup live in Internet: For Internet viewers, some sites are broadcasting the matches live streaming on internet asking some money. I find which is quite cheap and provides live video streaming and highlights. Another site is WILLOW.TV which is a bit higher in case of money. I don't think it is going to be shown on Internet for free unlike IPL 2009 which was for free.

ESPN Star,
the official broadcaster of T20 World cup also provides live action of T20 World cup on their site. It costs about $3 to watch matches on a particular day or $20 to watch the whole tournament live. Click here to see the live page.

Live cricket scores and commentary: One of the best ways of enjoying cricket on internet. is the best. Other sites which show live cricket scores of T20 World Cup 2009 includes, and

Cricinfo's 3d cricket animation:
Cricinfo provides T20 World cup matches live with 3d animations. click here

Desktop cricket scorecard: You can get T20 World cup's live scorecard on your computer's desktop with espnstar.Just download from the site and get scorecards from espnstar on your computer.

Cricket widgets :
Install cricket widgets on your facebook, myspace, orkut, blogs or any other place and get cricket live cricket scores of T20 World cup 2009. Some sites with cricket widgets are : cricinfo,,


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Can you please let me know whether any of the channels telecasting warm up games of T20 world cup 2009 and free live streaming links please.


  2. Yes, Star cricket is going to show 10 warm up matches live in India. In other parts of world I am not sure. Don't ask for illegal free live links here.

  3. ok tell me legal links to watch warm up matches

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  6. I can't wait for it to get underway. In all honesty I'm not the biggest cricket fan, but I think that 20/20 has made the sport much more appealing, and to a wider audience

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  9. i watched it on

    Watch Live here.

  11. where can i watch live match. can someone give me the link?

  12. These days there are too many matches to watch and there is live cricket almost all through the year.


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