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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Follow on in cricket | Laws of cricket

Follow-on is a rule in cricket matches having more than 2 innings. In international cricket its applicable to test cricket. Follow on is given to team playing in 2nd innings if it is short by a high margin(200 runs in test cricket) compared to runs made by team in 1st inning. This forces the team batting in 2nd inning to bat again in the 3rd inning as well.

Here is how the rules is goes on:
1) Team A bats in the first inning and makes huge score (say 550)
2) Team B bats in 2nd inning and scores 200 or more runs less than team A. (Say it makes 300 i.e 250 less than A)
3) Now, the captain of team A may ask for the team B captain to bat again.
4)If team B comes to bat in 3rd inning the following may happen,
i) It scores less than 250 runs (say 200). Then Team A wins by an inning and 50 runs.
ii) It score more than 250 runs (say 400). Then Team A must come to bat again. Its target now is 150 runs. If it gets it, Team A is winner otherwise Team B wins.
5) If team A decides to bat again in 3rd inning, the match continues as regular match.

Frequently asked questions:

1) When can a captain may or may not ask for Follow on:
Ans: As said earlier, if they lead by more than 200 runs they can ask for follow on. Still they may not if margin is small. As its difficult to bat in 4th inning, he may come to bat again and make the margin bigger and ask for other team to bat in 4th inning.

2) Is the rules for runs margin always 200?
Ans: In 5 day test cricket (which is official in International matches) 200 runs margin is the rule. But in domestic cricket where 4 day and 3 day matches takes place the rules for runs margin is smaller.


  1. Hi,
    is there any lower limit for follow on if the first batting team scores a total around 200? For example, Team A scores 199 in their first innings. What would be the follow on score for team B, if there's any?

  2. No, team B cannot follow on. The runs difference is 200 in test cricket and if first team scores less than that the second team cannot follow on in any case.

  3. if the team scores less in 3 inning the team win example team a 500 team b 600 team a 400 so team b wins

  4. Bangladesh will defeat India in the very first match of world cup cricket 2011 inshallah.

  5. Is there any rule that if the first team makes lsss than 400 then second team needs to make 60% of runs to avoid follow on??

  6. No, I don't think there is such rule. In international cricket, the second team must trail by less than 200 to avoid follow on. In your case (i.e when first team has scored 400), the second team must make 200 to avoid follow on.

  7. Suppose the captain of team A decides not to impose a follow on on team B can they still be winners?

  8. how many runs india need to escape follow on

  9. how many runs india need to escape follow on

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