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Monday, November 30, 2009

Howzat - A free multiplayer online cricket game

Howzat cricket gameWith a lot of games being developed on cricket, here comes Howzat, a multiplayer online cricket game. Users all around the world can compete with each other in this cricket game. It requires creating an account and opening the game which loads on Flash player.

After loading the 14.1 MB file, you chose the team start challenging other teams. You may be unlucky sometimes finding no one logged in or with someone of higher level. Anyway, most of the times you can easily challenge or get the challenge.

Gameplay is great with great experience in batting and bowling. When you bat you can choose 7 sides to smash the ball. You can choose either normal short or a lofted one. Timing is crucial thing which needs some practice. Bowling is similar to most cricket games you play. The cheer of crowd seems realistic and the sound is lovely. As you are playing against a human, chatting while playing can be fun.Graphics is OK for the game. You can also manage your own team, make substitutions and personalize them.

Howzat cricket game
Things which I love about this game:
1) Sound effects
2) Can provide management games like experience
3) Great batting experience with 20 different shots

I wish I could avoid these things:
1) Waiting for 14.1 MB file to load
2) Frequent connection problems

The game is currently in Beta stage so its ongoing a lot of improvements. Its planning to add new features. Facebook version of the game is also going to be launched. Seeing overall, its a nice multiplayer cricket game and you should give it a try if you love gaming in cricket. Play this game on


  1. Hi - we just made life easier for you - its now just 10 mb + stays in your cache if you use Firefox or IE.

  2. hai sir the howzat criket does not come what haappened please tel sir

  3. please sir i want to play the game sir

  4. when is the game returning after maintainence????

  5. am unable to play multiplayer game


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