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Monday, September 21, 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 - Live

The final day has arrived and ICC Champions Trophy begins from 22nd September 2009. Its undoubtedly one of the most awaited tournaments of 2009 featuring top 8 teams from the cricketing world. The Champions Trophy 2009 being held in South Africa will be viewed by about 1 billion people around the world via TV and other medias. We have listed some methods to get live action from the ICC Champions Trophy 2009:

On TV: The majority of Audience will be viewing the Champions Trophy 2009 in TV. Different TV channels have broadcasting rights in different countries. In India, ESPNstar has broadcasting rights and the series will be shown live on ESPN and Star Cricket. Along with this, Doordarsan will broadcast Indian matches as well as semis and finals. Others include : Star Sports in England, DircTv in USA, ATN in Canada, Fox Sports in Australia and so on. Find for other countries.

On Internet : You can watch it on internet via different websites which broadcast in different countries. Most of the official websites of most of the TV channels listed above broadcast on internet in the country as well. Other paid sites include Here are some sites:
Pakistan(free): Go
UK (free) : Go
South Africa (free): Go
India and places where ESPNStar broadcast (paid) : Go

Live cricket scores and commentary: This is one of the best way to enjoy cricket on Internet. Live scorecards and commentary are available in different sites. Cricinfo, is one of them and probably the best of them.

3d Animation of the match: Along with live scores and commentary, you can enjoy ICC Champions trophy on the internet with 3D animation of each balls in the match. Cricinfo provides 3d cricket scorecard. click here to go.

Live Desktop scorecard: You can get live cricket scores on your desktop. You can download the scorecard from these websites. The main desktop scorecards are featured by cricinfo, espnstar .

Live audio commentary of ICC Champions Trophy (not in India and South Africa): You can get the live official commentary of ICC Champions trophy on your computer paying some amount. It costs nearly $10 for whole tournament and $2 per match if you want only some matches. It is availabe on ESPN. Click here.


  1. It is sad that there is no free audio commentary. Who wants to pay for audio commentary. This is so old. They should learn from USOpen Tennis which started broadcasting live video online from this year.

  2. It's all about money! As if they don't aready rip off cricket lovers the world over - now they want their pound of flesh for a tornament which was supposed to be about cricket development and helping to promote the game globally! Seems like the money men call the tune and those in positions of power in the cricket world simply dance to their tune! Quite frankly, I don't give a damn for this competition!

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