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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bangalore Royal Challengers in Indian Premier League - IPL 2009

Bangalore Royal Challengers
Bangalore Royal Challengers captained by English Captain Pietersen has made a no. of changes in the second season of IPL. After being criticized as test team in IPL 2008, it has bought new players like Pieersen, Ryder and has replaced Pietersen with Dravid as a captain. As the IPL is set to start in South Africa, the inclusion of 5 South African is going to help them a lot with a support from a lot of SA fans.

Changes in 2009:
As stated earlier, Pietersen, the most expensive IPL player has been Included as a captain. Jesse Ryder of New Zealand, a hero in test and ODI series against India is too included.

Squad of Royal Challengers Bangalore for IPL 2009:

International players:
Jacques Kallis, Mark Boucher, Dale Steyn, Roelof van der Merwe and Dillon du Preez (South Africa), Cameroon White and Nathan Bracken (Australia), Kevin Pietersen (England), Ross Taylor and Jesse Ryder (New Zealand)

Indian players:

Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Robin Uthappa, Praveen Kumar, Virat Kohli, Wasim Jaffer, Manish Pandey, Sreevats Goswami, Suteesh R, Pankaj Singh, Vinay Kumar, Bhuvanesh Kumar, Karan Sharma, Saurav Bandekar, Tinu Yohanan, Bharat Chipli, B Akhil, Devraj Patil, J Arun Kumar, KP Appana, Sunil Joshi, Gauvar Dhiman, Jitendra Patil, Udit Patel, Mithun A. Aravind, S. Kedar Jadhav, Gautam CM, Raju Bhatkal, Rajesh Bishnoi, Ishank Jaggi and Rohit Sabharwal

Team owner: Vijay Mallya

Players to watch: Dale Steyn, Uthappa, Ryder and Pietersen

Finally, Royal Challengers has a very good chance of winning the IPL 2009. Its probably going to be favorite team among the South Africans as their stars, Kallis, Boucher and Steyn are in this team.


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  2. Amazing blog you are updating it on a terrific pace...


  3. I am very sad seeing Blore team's performance... They are playing like school children..only good thing is Dravid is playing very good cricket and able to bring some respect to the team total... others are total waste.. try to improve in upcoming matches

  4. its good to see RCB win last copul of games,
    i hope Rahul Dravid presence can make it real diffrence in this team.
    Mr malya has to wait a copul of years to see his team in top .

    I hope this troop can do wel with the help of kalis ,Anil,Rahul,baucher,Roelof van der Merwe,Jesse,Ross Taylor, but dont foget praven n Virat.

    Kp is realy worthless in both form as a skiper and as an indvidual player.

    it will be better to hand over the captency to Mr Calm n perfection Mr Anil kumble.

    pls put ur commet aginst this

    hope u will cal me abt this

  5. i totally agree Kumble is the man. Calm and collective. He took Challengers to semis, while we were hoping to loose all the games.

    VIVA ANil



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