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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tyron Henderson - Why he got such high price in IPL 2009

Rajasthan Royals has brought Tyron Henderson for $650,000 which was even greater than that paid to their captain Shane Warne last year. According to Henderson was watching it on the internet and he couldn't even believe it. He said "It is a total surprise as I thought I might be lucky to get a $150,000 deal. I think Shaun Udal at Middlesex might have put a word in for me with Warney. I owe him a beer."

Here's how the bidding took place:

Though his base price was just $100,000 his price rised rapidly as Deccan and Rajathan raised their bids rapidly. Mumbai eventually raised the bid to $200,000. Deccan bid $300,000 but Rajasthan went up to $325,000 after which Deccan raised it further to $350,000. Rajasthan continued to compete, forcing Deccan to raise their bid to $400,000. Rajasthan raised it to $425,000 but Deccan came back with a bid of $450,000. Not to be outdone, Rajasthan went up to $475,000 but Deccan would not be deterred, raising it to $500,000. The bids continued to escalate and Deccan just when Deccan seemed to have secured Henderson for $600,000, Rajasthan went up to $650,000. Deccan did not raise their bid and Tyron Henderson went to Rajasthan.

So, why such high price for this player who is 34 years 190 days, doesn't have any international experience except a t20 against India and is in the verge of the retirement ? I tried to get the answer. An article in cricinfo has enlisted him among the players born for Twenty20 cricket. He has the ability to hit great hits out of the ground. He has an average of 22 in tweny20 cricket and he is the bowler with most wickets in twenty20 cricket. He has taken 74 wickets in 62 matches.

Great. I think he was unlucky not to be called by South African team. And Rajasthan Royals who won the IPL 2008 has signed him in their team, he does certainly has more abilities which will of course be witnessed in the tournament.

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