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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Watch India vs West Indies 2011 - Live on Youtube for free | Ten cricket signs deal with Youtube

After the succesful IPL campaign on Youtube, we will be able to witness more live cricket on Youtube for free. Ten Sports has collaborated with Youtube to broadcast the upcoming India vs West Indies 2011 series for free. The series features 1 T20, 5 ODI and 5 test matches.

You can watch the live match on the Youtube channel - As well as live matches, fans will be able to enjoy on-demand highlights of matches for free.


  1. Is this going to be available globally or restricted to a particular region? I did not check the T20 match so wanted to see if this is the case for today's ODI.

  2. Thanks man, its awesome information....3 cheers for you S kafle.

  3. After good wins against England now India has a chance to win few more against West Indies. All the best India.


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