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Monday, February 21, 2011

Points table of ICC Cricket World cup 2011

ICC Cricket World cup 2011 is underway. 14 teams including the test nations and ICC associates are playing in the series. The tournament features group-stage matches, then round of 8, semi-finals and finals. The first stage features 2 groups - A and B of 7 teams each. The top 4 teams from each group advance to next stage. So, the points table plays a vital role.

Here is the points table of ICC cricket world cup 2011"

The table gives details like matches played, won, lost, no result, draws, points and net run rate. Net run rate plays as a decider when two teams have equal points. Click here to know how to calculate Net Run Rate in cricket.


  1. No upsets in matches yet...but a few less than impressive wins

  2. early to comment
    lets talk talk after two weeks
    for cricket is unpredictive

  3. anything can happen in cricket as u saw the england and ireland match


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