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Friday, December 10, 2010

Could Broad's replacement determine Ashes outcome? | Ashes 2010 / 11

Andy Flower has to date done a tremendous job helping to get England ready for the Ashes and laying the foundations for their current one nil series lead over hosts Australia.

However, now that England have been forced to find a replacement for injured bowler Stuart Broad, cricket betting pundits note that Flower faces a decision that could yet affect the outcome of the entire series.

Whilst Flower has been reported to have already decided upon the identity of his replacement, it is apparent that if he has chosen the wrong player he could have doomed England to a series defeat, despite the fact that the team is currently in complete control of the series.

With England’s early success seeming to be the inevitable result of a strong bowling attack and excellent batting, it is vital that the name chosen to come into the team is one capable of taking wickets rather than just providing relief for the likes of Graeme Swann. For this reason, many commentators have suggested that the only replacement that should even be considered is none other than Chris Tremlett.

Despite the fact that Tremlett is clearly not a great bowler, he can certainly show to the observing English fans that he is a good bowler.

If he can do just that consistently and England’s batsmen can continue to display the great form that they have boasted so far in this series, then the cricket odds suggest that England may never have had a better opportunity for their current crop of players to show that they are as good as England greats such as Ian Botham and Mike Gatting.

However, they also know that they will only achieve this by following up on their 2009 Ashes success by keeping hold of the precious Ashes urn after winning the current series.


  1. England moral now is on peak and they are in such position after decades, by which they can create history.

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