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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hussey shows he is a man on a mission - Ashes 2010 /11 1st test, day 2

After watching his side struggle to perform to the best of their ability in their disjointed Ashes build-up, Mike Hussey has since truly shown his class by putting together a fantastic 81 not out to steer his side back into the driving seat in the first Ashes test at the Gabba in Brisbane.

With England forced to watch on as their top bowler Graeme Swann flopped once again on Aussie wickets, the tourists already look like a team which simply doesn't have the ability that their optimistic fans once thought. However, they could still pull the Test back after a disappointing start and anyone looking to bet on the Ashes should remember this.

After all, even though Hussey took the initiative back for the hosts, he has also shown that he is the only Aussie player so far to walk away from the Australian first innings with any real credit. Australia will need players such as Ricky Ponting to perform to a far higher standard and achieve far better than the miserable score of ten that he achieved in this innings if they want to reclaim the Ashes.

Despite both sides proving to all observers that they are not at their very best quite yet, the series still looks like it could be an exciting one, although perhaps not a classic in terms of the quality of cricket that is likely to be on display and the Ashes betting reflects how close it could be.

However, if one side can begin to show some real form, just as Mike Hussey has done, then that team may forge a real advantage. If that side happens to be Australia, then Hussey's opening innings of the series may well be one that is remembered in years to come for kick-starting an Aussie Ashes victory.


  1. Mike Hussey is babe cricket of Australia no doughts.See his innigs on

  2. A record breaking fight back by England sets things up nicely for the 2nd test. They can't all be great batting wickets and England should have the edge bowling


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