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Monday, June 14, 2010

Asia cup 2010 - Live

When Fifa world cup 2010 is going on, we have an exciting cricket series - Asia cup 2010 - featuring India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Starting from 15th June, 2010, the series features matches of each team playing against each other and the final. Here are the ways you can watch Micromax Asia cup cricket 2010 - Live :

On internet :

Via. cricketnirvana : has been showing matches broadcast by Neo cricket live streaming on the website for free. You can watch free live matches as well as on-demand highlights. However you have geographical restrictions and is available in India and few other countries.

Via (USA) : ESPN3 (ESPN360) will broadcast the matches of Asia cup 2010 live on the internet for free. Like the ongoing Fifa World cup, you will will be able to watch the Micromax Asia cup 2010 live for free.

On TV: We have a post displaying the TV channels broadcasting Asia cup 2010 live. Nimbus Sports has the broadcasting rights and has distributed it to different TV channels in different countries.

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