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Thursday, February 11, 2010

TEN Sports - Live cricket schedule for the year 2010

Ten SportsTEN Sports is a channel owned by Taj Television and Zee Network broadcasting sporting events in India and different parts of Asia and Europe. Live cricket broadcast is one of the major events for this channel. Ten Sports has secured rights for broadcasting international matches played in Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and UAE. Here is the live cricket schedule of Ten Sports for 2010:

England in South Africa 2010 (January): The series will feature 4 test and 5 ODI matches.

Pakistan vs England T20 matches in Dubai (Feb 19 and 20): It will feature 2 T20 matches.

Zimbabwe in West Indies 2010 (March)(In ZEE Sports): The series will feature a ODI series. The series will be shown in ZEE Sports due to Hockey World cup.

South Africa in West Indies 2010 (May - June): The series will feature 4 tests and 5 ODI matches.

India and New Zealand in Sri Lanka (Tri-series)(July): The series features some ODI matches in the tri-series.

Zimbabwe in South Africa 2010 (September): The series features some ODI matches.

Bangladesh in Pakistan 2010 (October): It features 2 tests and 3 ODI matches.

South Africa in Pakistan 2010 (October to November): The series features 3 tests and 5 ODI matches.

West Indies in Sri Lanka (November to December): The series features 3 tests and 5 ODI matches.

Note 1: The ICC World Twenty20 2010 is to be held in West Indies but will not be shown in Ten Sports as its an ICC event. Instead it will be shown in Star Cricket.

Note 2:
Cricket matches in Pakistan are not sure due to security reasons. They may be held in Pakistan or moved to other places or may be canceled.


  1. Ten Sports!!!.... these murderers of cricket moments enjoy life by putting in an add every time something happens on the field, especially when a wicket falls...and not during when a run is not scored or when nothin of interest happens... and the adds come queuing until the next ball has landed on the pitch...these morons must be using time machines that show time in nano seconds... Hate you MF moment killers.

  2. anyone tell me please witch Tv channel broadcast sl tour of aus cricket seriese

  3. where you show yesterdays match ( Pak vs S.A)?

  4. willow sport in dishnet work or directv

  5. Please improve your picture quality & introduce High Definition. Kindly reduce ad's.

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