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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Pakistani players in IPL 2010

No Pakistani palyers will be playing in IPL 2010. Though there were Pakistan players available in auction, no players were selected to play in IPL 2010.

One of the coaching staffs of Rajasthan Royals has said that Umar Akmal was in no.1 wish list for their team but suddenly the decision changed. Even Shahrukh Khan and P Chidumburam(India's home minister) have criticized this. Pak players certainly will feel a sense of insult.

Some reasons for not including the players given by IPL and the franchises are foolish. Modi and Shilpa Shetty said that not only Pakistani players were left but many Aussies too. Pakistani players are available for the whole season while Aussies will be there for only half of the tournament and many Aussies are already in different IPL teams. There will be reauction in 2011. Due to this, Aussies were not included.

This is of course an insult of the Pakistani players who have won the ICC World Twenty20 - the world cup of T20 cricket. Pakistan are of course the no.1 team in T20 cricket ranking as their win percent is more than 80%. Players like Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul, Umar Akmal are among the best players in T20 cricket.

Way before the auction, The IPL commissioner, Lalit Modi has said that no players from Pakistan will feature in IPL 2010 as their boards have failed to obtain VISAs for them in given deadline. Cricinfo's article notes that the franchises will now have to look for the replacement of Pakistani players for IPL 2010.After Pak players got all requirements, they were included in the auction.

11 Pak players were in the auction list among whom none were signed. Isn't this wrong. Cricket should stuff to bring Pakistanis and Indians closer. Such act by IPL has helped to raise the conflict between Pakistan and India. Please leave your comment.


  1. Pakistan is the T20 champ and its player's not featuring in the IPL thats just not what the doctor ordered....

  2. Pakastani players didn't play next season as well. They were well in the team and were present in the inaugural function as well. But due to perceived tension the pakistan government didn't allow them to play.
    It was an obvious decision to not take the players and no body can be sure if they would play or not. Instead of waisting a spot, its always good to give chance to emerging players and promote them.

  3. Points of common sense:
    1) How can a "commercial event" ignore the best and garland the mediocre?
    2) Was all the hastle for applications and visas was a drama if they knew that the availability was unsure, why they were asked to be prepared? Isn't it an Added insult to injury?
    3) They were not taken last year, and there was no fuss as this one? Why was that?
    Shahid afridi could have been got for just $50000..but? Now who is the real loser? I believe somebody crooked or 'over intelligent', at the IPL caused this anxiety and deprived the Indian people to see the best in action!
    It's like Wembildon without Federer and Nedal! Sad!

  4. Pakistan has good players no boubt about it.
    No one should force the host to invite guest no matter how good guest you are.
    Pakistan players were not issued visa during the sports in Sctotland last year and none of the politician made any issue.
    This time they are talking about relations,bans etc.WHY?
    To play and enjoy is the fundamental right not to demand an invitation.
    Create PPL like IPL and entertain youeself rather then crying.

  5. If you didn't want to invite then you should have straightaway not listed them in the auction. First, you list 11 players for the auction and then none are selected. Its not from a loosing side but the world champions in T20 cricket. Its of course a conspiracy. Its an insult of the champions.

  6. the indians are realy jelous in honour. i bet you pakistan will defend there t20 trophy many times in a sri lankan i feel very sorry in this matter. Indians please think many times before commiting because in this case conflicts can arise between the two neighbour countries.

  7. not inviting pakistani player in ipl,it shows how low indians can think.

  8. See Pakistanis, it is just a game and you are feeling so outrageous, just think how Indians would have felt during 26/11. How can you can continue to send criminals and cricketers in one go?


  10. I am really happy that PAKI's are not there in IPL......I can thanks GOD....and thanks to IPL board about the same....coz I can say only Human beans have rights to play and enjy the such a gams not animals like.....PAK's ......I am sure no any INDIANS will forg8 that incidant od 26/11 with my INDIA-MUMBAI.............

  11. Thanks lots to TPL board....about the decision.....Pakistani should not allow and not caliber to play not only
    any game but also any part or anywhere in the WORLD. This is one of the worst Country around the
    world with high level of the anti-human beans rights, as well as very dangers element to destroy the life in this entire earth.
    I very sure, tomorrow in case if there is possibility to destroy the life-cycle on the earth, then responsible element or country will be only the
    Pakistan, so I can request to each individuals around this world, please take this lesson from IPL board & INDIA to avoid
    this worst Country’s attitude & their worst elements (like as Terrorism, smugglings etc.,).
    ….At the end I want to ask everybody & around this world, please can anybody tell me? If any terror activity & anything worst incident in this world happaned,
    that time only this PAKISTANI or AFGANISTHANI will be responsible everywhere…..please answer or reply me at least one person, how world can ,allowing
    & afford this worst activity at all the extend?

  12. i think icc not to allow ipl that kind of racism based prejudice, violence, dislike, discrimination, or oppression, the term can also have varying and contested.pakistan are best for 20-20 then why they r not playing ipl.indians are realy jelous .plz don't mixed politice with sports.and request icc plz do something b4 the discrimination come inside the cricket.let them oppertunity to play .bec some indian they don't like pak do better then india.india plz stop doing fassy stuf. take who r responsible for the terror not take inocent player bec they just play games not doing politic like u gays.

  13. which bastard told dat pakistan players are animals.they r also human beings like us.pakistan may a terrorist country due to some idiots but pakistani players r innocent.why should they get punished for d acts that they have not done.

  14. lets forget IPL..BCCI ..PCB n Modi...Host a PPL in Pakistan ..invite worlds best players....n c how many r there for it to be a success.... hope none will ....

  15. IPL is a commercial game providing entertainment to its consumers (in this context the mojority being INDIANS), and if the franchisee feels that its not commercially viable to have paki's in the team then so be it! Most Indians DO NOT want their money to go to PAKI's.
    Please dont crib abt it and as many have suggested b4, just start PPL and have fun with it rather than cribbing like 'HAVE NOT's'. We work hard for our money and we have a right to decide what we watch to entertain ourselves.

  16. Its shows that indians got cheap thought about pakistan although pakistan are the world champs if indians want to prove THERE SELFS they must play with pakistan players in IPL then they will find out whose the MAN

    This incident was sad. The owners of the clubs should have taken a bigger stand against this political injustice against a game.

    Cricket is a beautiful game and everyone should have the right to play it...i hate these bastard politicans...ruin it for everyone!!

    I am indian by the way...i love afridi to bits so please dont cuss all indians because majority of us are not bad.

  18. I can't beleive their are so many backward thinking comments!!
    Pakistan will prosper, Yes we are muslims and not TERRORISTS!!
    Pakistani players of cricket are outstanding, have class and keep their heads held up high and ours too.

  19. Its not only India thats not inviting pakistan and going as guest to pakistan to play. Even other countries are doing the same. So please dont simply blame india for it. I guess whole world thinks the same.Before learning to play learn humanism. And then you will be invited everywhere.

  20. Anonymous........dont you indians have courage to put ur names there......Anonymous...LOL
    by the way we pakistanis also dont want our money to go india........via ur stupid indian movies.......songs...bla bla
    look at the value of ur indian players,playin for 8 lakh rupees...wait for us india,world cup is not far we would love to kick u in ur own country

  21. Pakistan must not be allowed to play any sort of game unless they stop playing their national game i.e. Islamic Terrorism!

  22. Shihid afridi's brother was killed in an encounter in India...he was a terrorist.

  23. Pakistan is the worse is a shame that such cunt exists!

  24. comment on shahid afridi's comment...Not only you but we indians are also waiting for world cup and we see how the hell you gonna kick us in our the way the God of cricket.master sachin is ready to fuck all pakis with his bat.. first all paki players need to clear their blames and charges which one PCB only post on them and than think about world cup idiot..

  25. hi my name is yuvraj singh nd i will say to lalit modi tht we want pakistani i love pakistan yeah =) nd also my phone number is 03023329969 hope u will call me =) ♥ i love pakistani's =)

  26. hey comeon buddy's cricket is a game not a war hard feelings for pak's players they should be here for ipl2010.....Mr Lalit Modi plz forget the controversies watever happnd before or after between india and pakistan.....Mr Modi we just want players to perform so that we can enjoy.....i dont think the person who is a real cricket maniac would ever think discrimination between india and pakistan they just want to see players that they can enjoy.....i m an indian and i m proud to be an indian i love players not countries.......


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