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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cricket games of 2009

Gaming in cricket has emerged in the year 2009 as new cricket games have been developed and the older ones have developed new versions with new features. Codemasters released Ashes 2009 during Ashes series with improved bowling. Cricket revolution released recently can provide better options for batting and bowling. Multi-player as well as Online cricket games has been developed in 2009.

Ashes 2009:

Ashes 2009 - game

This game featured licensed teams and players from Ashes 2009. With T20, test and ODI as three modes, it has superb gameplay. Commentary from legends like Shane Warne and Ian Botham is another great feature in this game. Batting can be entertaining but like other cricket games, no one wants to bowl in this game. Practicing under nets with commentary is a great feature.

Cricket Revolution :
Cricket revolution

The game by Pakistani gaming company Mindstorm studios has certainly shown many possibilities for the development of cricket game. Playing the game online with other competitors is really exciting feature. Batting has been developed offering about 38 shots for a batsman. AI is quite impressive. It has tried to revolutionize bowling with addition of special deliveries but still bowling is not much exciting. No commentary in the game as well as no option for skipping overs is negative point for the game.

International cricket captain 2009 (ICC 2009) :

International cricket captain 2009
With licensed players, teams and a collection of real cricket statistics makes this cricket management game exciting. It is a cricket game where you are the captain who selects the squads, trains the team, make batting or bowling changes, chooses to bat aggressive, normal or defensive, changes the field position and does every work which a real captain, coach, physio and selector do. If you love watching cricket, you will certainly love this game.

Cricket coach 2009 :
Cricket coach 2009
A cricket management game similar to ICC 2009 somewhat supressed the dominance of Cricket captain in management games. It included licensed players from domestic teams and is regarded as many users as more realistic. Unlike ICC 2009, it didn't feature 3D highlights.

Howzat - online cricket game :
Howzat - cricket game

A flash based online cricket game is now in its beta version. It features real teams and players. Its a online cricket game and two users connected in the internet battle in this match. As there is no option for playing against computer, sometimes its boring to find no one available to play against us. The best thing about it is that its free and loads fast and can even compete with other top games.


  1. All four games good in their own right. Cricket Coach 2009 probably the most realistic, and in depth. Cricket Revolution probably the most fun.

  2. icc 2009 is a pooooooooorrrr game hate it but ashes is fun!!

  3. this blog helps me to choose which game to download or install i love this site


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