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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hong Kong Super Sixes 2009

Along with test, ODI, t20 and pro40 there exists another form of cricket - the super sixes. Hong Kong organizes super sixes tournament every year between the top teams. The rules are modified with an inning of only 5 overs and each team containing just 6 players. Except wicketkeeper everyone bowls. Wides and no balls are counted 2 runs. Also, there is a provision of retiring after batsman reaches 31 runs. 8 teams participate in this tournament which is held on 31st October and 1st November.

The teams are divided into two groups. India has been placed in the Norhern hemispheres along with teams like England, Sri Lanka and rivals Pakistan. Hongkong, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia compromise the Southern hemisphere group.

The fixtures and schedules are:
Match Saturday Match Group
1 8.20am Hong Kong vs South Africa South
2 9.05am India vs Sri Lanka North
3 9.50am Hong Kong vs New Zealand South
4 10.35am Pakistan vs England North
5 11.20am South Africa vs Australia South
6 12.05pm Sri Lanka vs Pakistan North
7 12.50pm Hong Kong vs Australia South
8 1.35pm India vs England North
9 2.20pm South Africa vs New Zealand South
10 3.05pm India vs Pakistan North
11 3.50pm New Zealand vs Australia South
12 4.35pm Sri Lanka vs England North

5.20pm close

Match Sunday Match Group
13 8.30am N2 vs S2 Cup RR
14 9.15am N1 vs S1 Cup RR
15 10.00am N3 vs S4 Plate SF1
16 10.45am N1 vs S2 Cup RR
17 11.30am N2 vs S1 Cup RR

12.15 - 12.35pm Champions Parade
18 12.35pm N4 vs S3 Plate SF 2
19 1.20pm S1 vs S2 Cup RR
20 2.05pm N1 vs N2 Cup RR

2.50 – 3.00pm Entertainment
21 3.00pm Plate Final
22 4.00pm Cup Final

5.00pm Presentations

The matches of Hong Kong Super Sixes will be shown live on Ten Sports. Watch these short matches and you will love to view raining sixes. Acutually there are more sixes than 4s and more 4s than singles. For live scores and more details go to

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  1. Well this sounds very interesting. 6 overs a side sounds awfully short though. What about the squad? Do some of the national players get to make the cut?


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