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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fantasy cricket - other form of online cricket games

For those who watch cricket regularly and know players from different team, fantasy cricket can be a great form of enjoying cricket online. Most fantasy cricket games let you choose your XI team squad and award you points on the basis of the performance by the players in your squad. So, to get into the top of fantasy cricket tables, you need to guess who can will be selected and who will play well in order to select them in your squad.

The no. of websites allowing you play fantasy cricket are increasing day by day. Cricket lovers love fantasy cricket and find them as a great form of online cricket games. Some websites where you can play fantasy cricket are: : is popular for its fantasy cricket. You can play fantasy cricket for International cricket matches on monthly basis. Fantasy cricket is also available for different tournaments like IPL.

Cricinfo's fantasy cricket
: Cricinfo also provides fantasy cricket for almost every series. You can register with them and select your palying XI for different series.

ESPNStar's super selector: Its another great website providing fantasy cricket and probably the most popular one.

Cricket Web's fantasy cricket

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  1. I am not so much into sport games, but I am open to trying this kind of game on pc or online. Seeing games like this looks fun and enjoyable.


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