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Saturday, September 19, 2009

India vs New Zealand in Champions trophy warm-up match 2009 - live

Before the start of Champions Trophy, India plays an unofficial ODI match against New Zealand as a practice match. Its the final practice for the Indian team for Champions trophy in which they are regarded as one of the favorites. India had defeated New Zealand heavily in the recent encounter in tri-series. Though India plays a single warm-up match, New Zealand played against the Warriors in which it suffered a heavy defeat.

India vs New Zealand - Champions Trophy Warm-up match 2009
Date: 20th September. Time: 12:30 PM GMT , 6:00 PM Indian time

The match is supposed to be a exciting match. Regular Indian players from the 15-men squad will play in the match. Though its unofficial, it is supposed to provide the full excitement which a ODI match provides. But I don't think the match will be shown live on TV.

I have checked the schedule of Star cricket which broadcasts in India and Supersport which broadcast in South Africa but none are showing the warm-ups. The best way to get live action is from Live commentary and scorecards from the Internet. Just go to cricinfo for live action.


  1. thnx 4 informing..but i thnk it should be telecasted 4 d sake of large indian fans.

  2. any live links for this IND nz warm up match???

  3. idiot ! dont we know this?

  4. Hey Anonymous ass.. Be happy that someone provided atleast this info.If u know this earlier, shut the fuck off..

  5. any live links for today's match

  6. The match is not even shown on TV. Only live scores without commentary are available. Don't search to watch live, you will just waste your time

  7. its live on ten sports on midnight 3am

  8. good that we dint watch it...
    indian team dint seem to be taking it seriously was a very poor perfomance by the team


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