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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Online Cricket Games - the ultimate list

For cricket lovers, cricket must be everywhere. The short flash cricket games are very exciting. If you have decided to play online cricket games, I have made a massive list of online cricket games. Whatever cricket games I found on the internet are listed with the best ones in the beginning. If you find online cricket games apart from these, please mention putting your comment.

Stickcricket: One of the products of sticksports, stickcricket is the most played cricket game. Just register your account and start playing cricket. You have great options of playing in different modes and different series. Go

Coverdrivecricket : It requires Java 1.1 or higher to play. Its quite interesting cricket games with 3D view, submission of high scores, great animations, choice of teams and more. It has great graphics quality to play online cricket. Need to register for free to play. Go

Slogout by cricinfo: Score as many as runs or chase the runs scored by opposition. Not just this slogout has features like Boundaries, centuries, net run rate, all the other numbers cricket lovers like you just love. You may try without registering but to enjoy fully, register and play. Go

Flash cricket : A short and easy flash cricket game. No need to register and it opens instantly. Each over you are given task to score boundary or make runs and you need to perform. Go

Thinkgoogly: Unlike other games, this is a quiz type game. It tests your ability as a real cricket player. Just answer the questions which shows the ability of a batsman, bowler or a cricket player. Go

Multiplayer cricket: Multiplayer online cricket game. Choose the stadium and play online cricket with others. This game is from zapak and you need to registerto play. Go

Cricket V2: Another cricket game from zapak. A great game with toss, batting, bowling and everything. Go

Hangman by cricinfo: For those who love cricket and hangman, its a superb combination. Play hangman with words related to cricket. Here is a massive list of hangman games. Go

Bodyline: You are a bowler and instead of stumps, target the basman and stun him. Go

Crosswords: Solve the cricket puzzles. Go

Tabletop cricket: A flash cricket game by miniclip. The players are immovable on a table. Batting, bowling, fildings, boundaries all are possible. Go

Super Sixers: Adjust the batsman and smash fours and sixes.Go

Last man standing : You are the last man and you need to take your team to victory. Go

Npower test series: This is the game I most played. Only batting but fun smashing sixes and fours. Go

The Ashes : England Vs Australia - the Ashes on cricket game. Go

Indo- Pak cricket: The war between India and Pakistan in cricket. Go

More games from zapak : Try some more cricket games from zapak. Go


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