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Monday, August 24, 2009

Australia moves to no.4 in ICC test rankings

After the Ashes 2009 defeat, Australia have slipped 3 positions in ICC test rankings table. This is the first time they have lost the no.1 test position since the system of rankings in 2003 had started. Australia are now no.4 in test and no.3 in ODI. South Africa is no.1 in both test and ODI cricket rankings. Sri Lanka ranks no.2 in test followed by India. Despite the Ashes win, England is in no.5 position.

After Australia lost their no.1 position this year, they were still in no.1 in test though they lost series continuously. It was due to their superb form before 2 years. Not just the test defeat but also the lefting out of older matches have dropped the Aussies 9 points below the Proteas.


  1. Andrew Flintoff considered to be one among the best all rounder of all times has reiterated his earlier stand on retirement decision. With Australia dominating the fifth Ashes Test which will be a deciding game, there were rumors that Flint off may reconsider his decision.
    Flintoff had earlier made up his mind to retire from Test cricket after the current Ashes series, citing the frequent injuries as the reason is firm in his stand. He however did not rule out the possibility of playing four day cricket at national level as a part of Lancashire team. However the eminent all rounder will be continuing playing cricket as far as fifty over game and twenty-twenty version are concerned. Flintoff is a part of IPL Chennai Super Kings team.

  2. Well the Australian team is in transition so to some extent this was inevitable.

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