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Sunday, July 12, 2009

ICC cricket rankings / ratings

ICC, the cricket's governing body has a system of rankings in cricket for teams as well as players. The rankings are calculated by teams / players performance providing ratings using statistical formula. Though even the ICC has itself agreed that rankings are not the complete measure of greatness of team or players, rankings have many times been burning topics in the world of cricket.

ICC Team rankings:

ICC provides team rankings for both ODI and test cricket by providing ratings points. Australia has been in no.1 since the establishment of test rankings. About ODI, Australia's dominance in ranking has been challenged by South Africa. On the end of a year, the top team is awarded with ICC test or ODI championship award.

ICC Player Rankings:

ICC has provided batsmen rankings, bowlers rankings and all-rounder rankings for test and ODI cricket. For T20 its still to be made. ICC has following players rankings:

Test Player ranking
  • Test Batsman ranking
  • Test bowler ranking
  • Test all-rounder ranking
ODI player ranking:

  • ODI batsmen ranking
  • ODI bowler ranking
  • ODI all-rounder ranking.

Rankings are calculated on basis of its complex statistical system. You can view the rankings here.


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