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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ashes 2009 2nd Test : Australia in danger of follow on after day 2

I think its all the end of Day 2 of 2nd Test in Ashes 2009. At the moment its the cause of bad light and the match is only delayed but very less chanc of players going down to the pitch. The day went fully to england and the match is also going towards them. After the overnight score of 364-6, England were ruled out by Australia on 425 before some play remained in the 1st session of day 1.

It was only the 1st some hours on the day 2 where Australia would have felt better but than came the worse part after the came down with bat. Aussies have to loose 2 wickets for 20 runs till lunch. Then they were never in the match. At the end of 3rd session or the day Australia were 156-8.

Anderson came hard against all the Aussie batters. He picked up 4-36 in the day. Onions, Flintoff and Broad equally supported Anderson with some wickets on their bag.

Australia might follow on on the Day 3 and pretty difficult task for the World Champions. Here is the final scorecard at the end of day 2:
England(1st inn)
425/10 (101.4)
AJ Strauss (c) b BW Hilfenhaus 16126822060.07
AN Cook lbw b MG Johnson 9514718064.63
RS Bopara lbw b BW Hilfenhaus 18194094.74
KP Pietersen c BJ Haddin b PM Siddle 32425076.19
PD Collingwood c PM Siddle b MJ Clarke 16361044.44
MJ Prior (wk) b MG Johnson 8102080.00
A Flintoff c RT Ponting b BW Hilfenhaus 4101040.00
SCJ Broad b BW Hilfenhaus 16262061.54
GP Swann c RT Ponting b PM Siddle 461066.67
JM Anderson c MEK Hussey b MG Johnson 292550116.00
Graham Onions not out 17292058.62
Extras : 25 (b:15, lb:2, nb:8, wd:0)
Total : 425/10 (101.4)
Curr.RR: 4.18
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FOW : AN Cook (196-1, 47.5), RS Bopara (222-2, 53.6), KP Pietersen (267-3, 65.1), PD Collingwood (302-4, 76.3), MJ Prior (317-5, 79.3), A Flintoff (333-6, 82.3), AJ Strauss (364-7, 90.2), GP Swann (370-8, 91.5), SCJ Broad (378-9, 92.6), JM Anderson (425-10, 101.4)
BW Hilfenhaus31121034403.32
MG Johnson21.421323006.09
PM Siddle200762403.80
NM Hauritz8.31260003.06
MJ North162590003.69
MJ Clarke41121003.00

Australia (1st Innings) : 156/8
PJ Hughes c MJ Prior b JM Anderson 491044.44
SM Katich c SCJ Broad b Graham Onions 48936051.61
RT Ponting (c) c AJ Strauss b JM Anderson 2150013.33
MEK Hussey b A Flintoff 51918056.04
MJ Clarke c AN Cook b JM Anderson 112008.33
MJ North b JM Anderson 014000.00
BJ Haddin (wk) c AN Cook b SCJ Broad 28393071.79
MG Johnson c AN Cook b SCJ Broad 4111036.36
NM Hauritz batting 3100030.00
*PM Siddle batting 3200150.00
BW Hilfenhaus
Extras : 12 (b:4, lb:6, nb:2, wd:0)
Total : 156/8 (49)
Curr.RR: 3.18
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FOW : PJ Hughes (4-1, 2.3), RT Ponting (10-2, 6.6), SM Katich (103-3, 32.4), MEK Hussey (111-4, 35.6), MJ Clarke (111-5, 36.3), MJ North (139-6, 42.3), MG Johnson (148-7, 45.5), BJ Haddin (152-8, 47.5)
JM Anderson175364002.12
A Flintoff124271202.25
SCJ Broad111472004.27
Graham Onions81321004.00
GP Swann1040004.00

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