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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

T20 World Cup 2009 Super Eights

The teams for the super Eights have been nominated and the matches of super-eights will be starting form the June 11. Two teams from each group that makes eight teams have qualified for the super-eight matches. The eight teams are further divided in two groups i.e., Group E and F. Here is the list of team qualified for the super eight or 2nd round of ICC World Twenty20 2009:
C1-West Indies
C2-Sri Lanka
D2-South Africa
D1-New Zealand

Talking about the selected teams, some suprises could be seen. First surprise is the missing Australia in the both groups. In the 1st round Australia was along Sri Lanka and West Indies. Australia had to loose both its matches and was out of the tournament. Another part is Bangladesh, who was also defeated in its both match against India and Ireland. This is the Ireland's second chance in Super Eights. Ireland was in super Eights of ICC World Cup 2007 in WI. Netherlands, who had impressive victory against England was knock-out by Pakistan. All three teams in Group B had same points but the Net Run Rate made Dutch out of series. South Africa topped group D along with New Zealand in second spot. Scotland lost its both match and was ruled out before the Super 8s.

Fixtures and Schedules of Super Eights (2nd Round) of T20 World Cup 2009 , England

DayDate13:30 start17:30 startVenue
Thu11 JunD1-New Zealand v A2-IrelandB2-England v D2-South Africa
Trent Bridge
Fri12 JunB1-Pakistan v C2-Sri Lanka
A1-India v C1-West Indies
Sat13 JunC1-West Indies v D2-South Africa
D1-New Zealand v B1-PakistanOval
Sun14 JunA2-Ireland v C2-Sri Lanka
A1-India v B2-England
Mon15 JunB2-England v C1-West Indies
B1-Pakistan v A2-IrelandOval
Tue16 JunD1-New Zealand v C2-Sri Lanka
D2-South Africa v A1-IndiaTrent Bridge

Only two teams from each group of super eights will travel further to the semi-final of ICC World T20 2009. In this super eight each team will play all total of 3-matches.

Watch Live - Super Eights of T20 World Cup 2009
Watch T20 World Cup live on TV:As the 1st group stage round of tournament, other matches will be also shown in the same TV Channels. ESPNSTAR is the official media broadcaster which will show Live cricket matches in STAR CRICKET in India and some other countries. . For countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand you can click here to find the TV Channels showing T20 World cup live.

Watch T20 World Cup live in Internet: For Internet viewers, some sites are broadcasting the matches live streaming on internet asking some money. I find which is quite cheap and provides live video streaming and highlights. Another site is WILLOW.TV which is a bit higher in case of money. I don't think it is going to be shown on Internet for free unlike IPL 2009 which was for free.

ESPN Star,
the official broadcaster of T20 World cup also provides live action of T20 World cup on their site. It costs about $3 to watch matches on a particular day or $20 to watch the whole tournament live. Click here to see the live page.

Live cricket scores and commentary: One of the best ways of enjoying cricket on internet. is the best. Other sites which show live cricket scores of T20 World Cup 2009 includes, and

Cricinfo's 3d cricket animation:
Cricinfo provides T20 World cup matches live with 3d animations. click here

Desktop cricket scorecard: You can get T20 World cup's live scorecard on your computer's desktop with espnstar.Just download from the site and get scorecards from espnstar on your computer.

Cricket widgets :
Install cricket widgets on your facebook, myspace, orkut, blogs or any other place and get cricket live cricket scores of T20 World cup 2009. Some sites with cricket widgets are : cricinfo,,

Highlights of Super Eight Matches in T20 World Cup 2009:T20 World cup highlights on Internet: Some sites are broadcasting match highlights on the internet. Videos showing the highlights can be watched on following sites:

ESPN Star: (Best method)ESPN Star's official website shows the video highlights of different T20 World cup matches for free. Although the T20 World cup has not started yet, there are highlights from the warm-up matches of India against New Zealand and Pakistan. The videos contain about 10 minutes of highlights for each innings. Click here to watch the highlights on

Also, there is the youtube channel of ESPN Star which shows highlights of some matches. Its but is available only in some countries. Its available in India but I don't know about other places.
is also showing very short videos. It shows more than 30 videos for a match each of length about 30 seconds.

Apart from this when you can watch the highlights from and if you buy package for watching live matches. Apart from watching match live you can get on-demand highlights of matches of on these sites.

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