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Monday, June 22, 2009

Pakistan are the World T20 Champions

After being defeated in the final of 2007, Pakistan reached the final of T20 World cup 2009 and made no mistake this time. Pakistan are the new ICC World T20 Champions after they defeated Sri Lanka in the final by 8 wickets. Starting as underdogs in the series, Pakistan had some do or die situations but they crossed it easily and became more and more stronger as the series progressed by.

How Pakistan became the ICC World T20 2009 champions:

First round:
1st match : England v Pakistan at The Oval - Jun 7, 2009
England won by 48 runs
England 185/5 (20/20 ov); Pakistan 137/7 (20/20 ov)

2nd Match, Group B: Netherlands v Pakistan at Lord's - Jun 9, 2009
Pakistan won by 82 runs
Pakistan 175/5 (20/20 ov); Netherlands 93 (17.3/20 ov)

Super 8:

1st Match, Group F: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Lord's - Jun 12, 2009
Sri Lanka won by 19 runs
Sri Lanka 150/7 (20/20 ov); Pakistan 131/9 (20/20 ov)

2nd Match, Group F: New Zealand v Pakistan at The Oval - Jun 13, 2009
Pakistan won by 6 wickets (with 41 balls remaining)
New Zealand 99 (18.3/20 ov); Pakistan 100/4 (13.1/20 ov)

3rd Match, Group F: Ireland v Pakistan at The Oval - Jun 15, 2009
Pakistan won by 39 runs
Pakistan 159/5 (20/20 ov); Ireland 120/9 (20/20 ov)

Semi final: Pakistan v South Africa at Nottingham - Jun 18, 2009
Pakistan won by 7 runs
Pakistan 149/4 (20/20 ov); South Africa 142/5 (20/20 ov)

And finally the final, Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Lord's - Jun 21, 2009
Pakistan won by 8 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
Sri Lanka 138/6 (20/20 ov); Pakistan 139/2 (18.4/20 ov)


  1. well as a pakistani ...i m feeling proud to hav such a discipline team and such a talantet players lik afridi.its great great thanks to Allah almighty who gives us this honour .i hop so afridi will continue this foam and become a trumph card for pak again . i wish afridi to face patan and hit him some big sixes as its long time passed he is getting fail to do so ..but i m sure he wil do it now ...and tht wd b really a drasting day for indians

  2. wow !
    Congratulations Pakistan

    and to srilankan brothers : you are our fast friend but the day was history is the proof of that Srilanka has never ever dominated Pakistan. Your International cricket record against us is embarrasing . I wish you people would win the next worldcup.

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  4. Never expected and it was a luck not an effort which will be proved by sri lanka in July 2009 by dominating pakistan in test(2-0) as well as in one day (4-1) but T20 will be won by Pakistan.

  5. Geo Pakistan Geo to Aise


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