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Friday, April 24, 2009

Super over in twenty20 cricket

To broaden the excitement in t20 cricket, the Super overs rule has been introduced. Though test and ODI match can end up in draw, super over prevents twenty20 matches from ending in draw. It has replaced the bowl out rule in which only the bowler had a part to play.

Rules of super over in 20-20 cricket:
1. Each team decides a bowler to bowl and three batsmen to bat during one over named as the super over. The same ball used in the match will be used in super over.

2. The team batting second in the match will bat first in the super over.

3. Team A will score some runs in the first over and team B needs to chase it successfully to win the match. In case, it is unable to chase, team A wins.

3. In case scores are level, the team hitting maximum sixes in the match will win. If its also same, the teams with maximum fours win the match.

4)In case two wickets fell, it is counted as all-out and the total made before loosing the wicket is final.

5) UPDATE: About field restrictions: No field restrictions are used which means the field setting are same as the non-powerplay overs. So, 5 filders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. Filder in catching position is not required.

It has been brought to twenty20 cricket from Standford twenty20. The first international twenty20 in which tie was ended with a super over was New Zealand vs West Indies. In IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight riders, this rule as implemented after with Rajasthan won Kolkata.


  1. what happens if the team batting first in the super over loses both the wickets. does the other team win automatically ?

  2. No it is like the team batting first gets all out for 0 and the team batting second will have to come out and get that 1 run to win the game.

  3. This Super over in T20 is a great inclusion where in its a battle between bat and ball which is always the case in a game of cricket. Earlier it was only the ball doing all the talking in a bowl out after the game has been tied. I wont be surprised if it is introduced in the 50 over format as well.

  4. I have a question!! Can the bowler that has been selected to bowl also be one of the batsmen that have been selected to Bat???
    Thanks in Advance!!!!

  5. how many fielders are allowed 2 field

  6. About the bowler, I think the bowler can be the batsman.

    And about fielding, 11 players will be in field like the actual game. I can't say about the fielding restrictions.

  7. i do not like the rule of max. no. of sixes or four in the match after the tied situation in super over.

  8. Does a wicket in a Super Over in IPL (Indian Premier League) count as an official wicket?

  9. No. Wickets or runs taken are not added to the player's statistics. You must have known that the goals in plenty shootout in football are not counted as goals by players. Same applies here.

  10. If scores are level and if the max sixes and fours are the same, which team wins the match.


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