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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The carrom ball by Ajantha Mendis

Ajantha Mendis has now turned out to be a burning issue in the world of cricket. This is particularly due to his new "carrom" ball. Coaches, captains and batsmen from other nations must be glued to their laptops and researching on his bowling to find tactics to face it. While youngsters who are ready to join cricket must be trying to bowl like Ajantha Mendis.

What is a carrom ball ?
The name "carrom" to his bowling has been given to his bowling form the game carrom played on a board. The way Ajantha Mendis releases the ball is similar to the way a carrom player hits the striker in carrom. This is particularly a leg-spinner but by flicking the finger it can be converted to a off-break, flipper or a googly.

How Ajantha Mendis bowls the carrom ball ?
As mentioned earlier, Mendis delivers it like a carrom striker. Mendis' middle finger is bent down along the side of the ball. When he releases it, he flicks that finger, spinning the ball in the same direction as a leg-break. By using the same concept Mendis bowls googly and flipper with his carrom ball. But the amazing thing about Ajantha Mendis is the way he controls the ball. If we try to bowl this delivery its difficult to target the stumps.

How to bowl the carrom ball bowled by Ajantha Mendis
The main thing to learn is the basic concept. If you have been playing carrom, it will be very helpful and you require a strong middle-finger for it. Click here to know in detail step by step to learn to bowl this delivery. You can learn to grip, release the ball and bowl other variation. Watch videos of Ajantha Mendis which will be very helpful.

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