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Monday, November 1, 2010

Does Big Ben stunt show the Aussies are ready for Ashes?

They may currently be losing cricket matches to India and Sri Lanka, but when it comes to England they are already hoping to win the war of words.

As we know, the Aussies are a confident, vocal bunch, especially when it comes to playing England.

This was demonstrated yet again by a huge image of captain Ricky Ponting and vice Captain Michael Clarke with the slogan "don't forget the urn" being projected on to Big Ben last Wednesday.

In what the Australians would see as a typical stuffy English response Westminster City Council are planning to take action against Cricket Australia for breaching planning laws, instead seeing the funny side of it or even answering back.

For starters we could politely mention that the urn will never go to Australia anyway, it is permanently housed in a Museum at Lord's. Or we could recommend they concentrate on playing cricket rather than talking about it given they have lost their last three test matches, a one day series against India as well as a T20 clash with Sri Lanka in Perth. Consequently they head into this winter's series below England in the rankings for the first time since they were introduced and the Ashes betting offers reflect this.

But despite all that don't expect the Aussies to give up quietly. Their unshaken confidence has been part of their success over the past 20 years, they never truly believe they will lose and love to tell anyone who will listen.

But this time round is it all just hot air? After all the likes of Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Justin Langer, players who tormented England for a decade, have all now retired. Anyone looking to bet on the Ashes should bear this in mind.

A stunt like last Wednesday's show the confidence and belief are still there, but is that match winning ability now gone following that rush of retirements?

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  1. You blog is really good.
    England are much more stronger than past and Australia are more weaker. I can bet all my money on England in this ashes :)


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