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Friday, March 5, 2010

IPL 2010 - Live | IPL 3

Finally IPL 2010 will start from 12 March, 2010 this time in India. The third season is expected to be more exciting as its being held in India, matches are increased and also the broadcasting has been made wider. Along with TV, web broadcasting will be free on Youtube. Apart from this, people will be able to enjoy IPL in theaters in India as well as UK, Middle east and many other parts. Here are the ways you can enjoy IPL 2010 LIVE:


1)Youtube for free live video  : IPL has partnered with Google to broadcast IPL 2010 Live from its IPL channel Its free all over the world and people can even enjoy features like choosing camera angles as well as other different stuffs on Youtube. However, live broadcast will be delayed by about 5-minutes in some countries like USA. Highlights too will be available in Youtube.

2)Other Sites broadcasting live video of IPL : will broadcast the IPL in North America on Internet. Unlike Youtube, broadcast will not be delayed but is not free. will broadcast on Internet in UK.

3)Free IPL 2010 live scorecard, commentary, desktop scores and more: Websites like, and will be showing live scorecard, commentary as well as desktop scorecard of IPL 2010 for free.

4)IPL updates via twitter, facebook and other media: You can get IPL updates on Twitter via. Lalit Modi's profile Wickets alerts can be obtained from

IPL 2010 ON TV

IPL will be shown live in more than hundred countries all over the world on different TV channels. Set Max will broadcast in India, DirecTV in USA, ATN on Canada, ITV in UK and so on for other countries. Find TV channels details for different countries.


IPL 2010 on Theatres

In India: UFO movies will broacast IPL 2010 in more than 1700 theatres in India. The two semi-finals and finals will be shown in 3D. You can find details here.

IPL on theatres abroad : UK and West Asia will also broacast the IPL 2010 live on theatres. Find details here.


  1. I sure IPL trophy is made for mumbai indians.. Because this team have a cricket god.

  2. We can't predict who will take the the time of form will decide it.

    Anywhere we enjoy this Showwwwwww...

  3. No one can predict T20 winner.......u people stop guessing and watch entire ipl for the result.

  4. I feel DC or MI will attain the Cup...!!!

  5. royal challenger bengeluru is strongest team and ross taylor back right know.


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